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Content we’ve been working on at DVSA: August and September 2017

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DVSA GOV.UK content audit

It’s been a little while since we last blogged about what DVSA’s Content Design team is working on.

Here’s a bumper post that summarises some of the things we’ve been working hard on over the last 2 months.

Helping you through a lifetime of safe driving

To support DVSA’s work to help you through a lifetime of safe driving, we have designed and published:

  • 2 new videos about the ‘show me, tell me’ safety questions that will be asked during car driving tests from 4 December 2017, so new drivers know how to carry out basic safety tasks
  • a news story about learner drivers being allowed on motorways with a fully-qualified driving instructor from 2018
  • a handbook for driving instructors about the changes being made to the driving test, so they’re fully prepared for the changes

We've also worked with the Government Digital Service (GDS) to:

  • update the guide about one of the tests you have to take to become approved driving instructor (ADI) - known as the ADI part 2 test - which is also changing from 4 December 2017
  • improve the process for people applying to become an ADI, so it's easier to start the process again if you've tried before

Next, we plan to:

  • continue work preparing updated content for when the car driving test changes
  • make sure content about the ADI part 3 test (which assesses a person's ability to teach) is updated,  as the way the test works is changing during the autumn

Helping you keep your vehicle safe to drive

To support DVSA’s work to help you keep your vehicle safe to drive, we have:

Next, we plan to:

  • continue improving user journeys for booking lorry, bus and trailer annual tests
  • review and update content about the MOT testing service, which MOT testers use to record the results of MOT tests

Protecting you from unsafe drivers and vehicles

To support DVSA’s work to protect you from unsafe drivers and vehicles, we have designed and published:

Next, we plan to:

  • prepare changes needed to our drivers’ hours guidance because of the change in rules for fines
  • design and publish a leaflet for events and a short video to explain more about how DVSA earned recognition for vehicle operators works
  • start work on improving the way vehicle owners can report serious safety defects with their vehicle to DVSA

DVSA: a great place to work

To support DVSA’s vision of being a great place to work, we have:

  • designed posters and other campaign assets, along with a news story, about what we’re doing to stop violence against our staff
  • been designing a pack for people thinking about applying for a job at DVSA to explain more about the benefits of working for us
  • been designing a pack for our existing staff to make sure they know all about the benefits available to them - including health and wellbeing, discounts and savings, and opportunities to develop their skills
  • designed assets, including posters and pop-up banners for our staff events, showing different aspects of working for DVSA
  • designed assets to encourage our staff to fill in the Civil Service People Survey, which runs during October 2017

Making it easier to find things on GOV.UK

We know that finding things on GOV.UK is made more difficult by the high volume of content and the low quality of some of it.

That’s why the Government Digital Service (GDS) has started a programme of work to overhaul government’s content, so services are clear, well maintained and easier to find on GOV.UK.

As part of this, we’re working with GDS to improve content about driving and transport.

Over the last couple of months, we have audited 835 pieces of content from DVSA and its 2 predecessor organisations.

We think that we can do more to improve 536 of these.

We’re mid-way through improving the titles and summaries of 348 pieces of content, which will make them easier to find.

We think we can do a better job of designing 194 pieces of content so they meet the needs of users. We might merge some pages together to improve journeys around the site as we do this.

We'll keep you updated with our progress in future blog posts.

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  1. Comment by Chuck posted on

    Not bad, twenty years after people got online, the Government's making content clear and easy to find. Could have asked anyone from day one.